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Levels of Hell

Level One

Element: Nature

Sin: N/A

Inhabitants: Animal Demons

  • Animal Demons have animal traits like ears, tails, scales, and feathers.

  • Animal Demons can breed with humans. They may have human, demon, or half demon offspring.

  • Animal Demons do not consume souls or in general care about humans.

Environment: Natural setting. Jungles, grasslands, savannahs, plains, and other natural elements can be seen here. There is no obvious difference between this level of hell and the natural world.

Level Two

Element: Lightning

Sin: Pride

Inhabitants: Pact Demons

  • Pact Demons look human except for their eyes which are black sclera with white irises.

  • Pact Demons cannot breed with humans as they do not have genitalia. 

  • Pact Demons make pacts with humans, giving power in exchange for their soul.

Environment: Twisted mockery of an urban setting. This looks on the surface, like any other urban area on the Earth, however everything is slightly off and doesn't fit quite right.

Level Three

Element: Fire

Sin: Lust

Inhabitants: Lust Demons

  • Lust Demons look human except for their eyes which are black sclera with pink irises.

  • Lust Demons can breed with humans creating full demons or full humans. 

  • Lust Demons are succubi and incubi and during sex, will drain a human's soul from their body. This is a conscious act, however, and can be avoided.

Environment: The world looks like the regular world of earth, though the sky is pure red. There are floating red mists that are intoxicating to those that breathe them in. 

Level Four

Element: Metal

Sin: Gluttony

Inhabitants: Hallowed Demons

  • Hallowed Demons look human except for their eyes which are black sclera with various colored irises and there is a partial depth hole in their chest.

  • Hallowed Demons can breed with humans creating half demons. 

  • Hallowed Demons consume human souls to fill the empty spaces in themselves.

Environment: Everything in the world is empty. There are empty houses, empty buildings, empty fields. Nothing lives or dies here.

Level Five

Element: Water

Sin: Sloth

Inhabitants: Wish Demons

  • Wish Demons look human except for their eyes which are black sclera with various colored irises and their skin is orange, purple, or red. Some have scales.

  • Wish Demons do not breed with humans. 

  • Wish Demons trick humans into using wishes by twisting their words.

Environment: Subjective. The world changes according to the viewer, and all the desires of the person who is in the space happens.

Level Six

Element: Earth

Sin: Greed

Inhabitants: Hoarding Demons

  • Hoarding Demons look like humanoid dragons. They have horns, tails, and scales. They are different colors. Their eyes are black sclera and any color iris.

  • Hoarding Demons can breed with humans, producing half-bred offspring.

  • Hoarding Demons do not care about humans, only about their hoard.

Environment: Layered and sepearted depending on the demon. Each demon has their own space, and their own hoard. They do not share with each other and do not generally interact.

Level Seven

Element: Air

Sin: Envy

Inhabitants: Possession Demons

  • Possession Demons have no physical form other than gentle mist.

  • Possession Demons can technically breed when possessing a human, producing full demon offspring only.

  • Possession Demons drain the life of the possessed human, consuming their soul from the inside out.

Environment: Wasteland. Nothing present other than an eternal fog.

Level Eight

Element: Wood 

Sin: Wrath

Inhabitants: Titan Demons

  • Titan Demons are giants with multiple arms, legs, heads, and other appendages.

  • Titan Demons are not compatible with humans.

  • Titan Demons really don't care about human but will kill indiscriminately when given the opportunity. They are destruction incarnate.

Environment: Mountains. There are muliple mountain ranges where the Titan demons can throw rocks, stomp, and destroy everything around them.

Level Nine

Element: N/A

Sin: N/A

Inhabitants: King of Hell

  • The only thing here is the King of Hell, or the King of Chaos.

  • The King of Hell appears as a human unless he reveals his grotesque demonic form that looks like a devil.

Environment: A fiery pit where nothing can survive for long.

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